2014 Kwame Nkrumah International Conference

Kwame Nkrumah the first president of independent Ghana and one of the most revered Pan-Africanists set the bar high for Pan-Africanist for years to come.  Over 57 years after the independence of Ghana, when Dr. Nkrumah declared that “Ghana’s Independence was meaningless without the total liberation of Africa”; Pan-Africanists are organizing conferences, demonstrations, speaking, organizing … More 2014 Kwame Nkrumah International Conference

Private Sector Investment does not equate to Development

African development is often hinged on external funding from large and small international finance and non-governmental organizations.  Most international finance organizations such as the IMF and World Bank lend money to most African countries which often includes a hands on approach to development.  During a recent meeting in Accra, Ghana in October 2013 sponsored by … More Private Sector Investment does not equate to Development

Is Gentrification Development?

Gentrification is a term that has emerged in the last several years to describe the “beautification of Urban Communities” in many countries around the world.  To some gentrification is a welcome site that brings resources to communities that lacked economic resources”.  To others gentrification means the displacement of indigenous community residents and/or people who are … More Is Gentrification Development?